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Instilling the Entrepreneurial mind-set into the young generation to ensure that our future leaders were exposed to situations and events that will make them a better individual.

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Case Clash is a competition of high school teams consisting of 4 students and 1 faculty advisor. They will be provided with a case study and will develop a PowerPoint presentation to present their case to a panel of judges to show their expertise. This competition is an excellent opportunity for students to apply their lessons from the classroom to a real-world situation in the business market.


There is no registration fee for this event, and it is open to high school students in grades 10, 11, and 12.  Snacks and lunch will be provided on competition days. The deadline for registration for this upcoming competition is to be announced!


To compete in the Case Clash Competition in 2021, teams must submit a Case Clash Competition Application. This can be provided by or submitted to Reem Zaid at Teams will be accepted into this competition on a first come first serve basis.




About Case Clash



Case Clash was first launched at ENACTUS SAIT in September 2012 and since then has become one of our successful running projects.


Mission & Vision:

To empower, take on challenges, and to overcome obstacles through leadership


Core values:


1. Teach

At Enactus, we teach our volunteers to be entrepreneurs, leaders, and motivators. To take their ideas and turn them into projects that benefit the community and the people involved. Moreover, we encourage diversity and innovation of new ideas as young entrepreneurs of this society

2. Empower 

Through our words, our actions, and the situations we create, we seek to empower those who experience the case competition. In fact, our commitment to do so is one of our defining attributes. We offer an event that encourages confidence and fosters the opportunity for delegates to stand up and stand out.

3. Inspire  

Case Clash gives our volunteers the chance to demonstrate their ability to take on challenges, inspire others to create possibilities, and transform the lives of the young generation; thus, strengthening the business community.

4. Knowing that they have what it takes to succeed 

To take on new opportunities takes courage and guidance in the right direction. Case Clash pushes the teams to acknowledge their strengths and hone their skills as potential entrepreneurs.

5. Connect

For many of the students as their last year in high school ends they will be anxious about what possibilities may lay on the other side. Case Cash provides ways for these students to interconnect with societies, entrepreneurs, and create possibilities by taking action. Their actions to get involved will lead to acknowledgment from their schools as well as post-secondary institutions.



Case Clash Competition:

Overview and Rules



Each team will be represented by a maximum of four students with the desire to get a taste of the business world and who are in Grade 10, 11 and/or 12. Each team must be accompanied by a faculty advisor.




The prize will be split between team members


1ST PLACE: $1,200

2ND PLACE: $800

3RD PLACE: $500



Case Selection

The case selected for the competition


  • Shall contain elements from business stream courses, including Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management

  • Shall have a degree of difficulty on par with a 2nd-year business term project


  • Registration form deadline is February 5th, 2020

    • Please note, late registrations will not be accepted.

  • Indicate on the form if there are any dietary concerns for any of your team members.

  • Cancellations of registration should be submitted before February 20th, 2020 to

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