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COVID-19 Updates

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April 23, 2020

Hello Everyone!


We hope you all are doing well going into the last week of the semester! Here is an update and the plans for the next few weeks:


As we have discussed in the past general meeting, Enactus Canada have made the decision to cancel the in-person event in Toronto this May and move the Enactus Canada National Exposition online. The new online competition format is down below:


Competition Format

Teams will be asked to submit one 12 minute video presentation along with a digital annual report. This submission will be distributed to judges who will have only this information to evaluate your team's projects in the Opening and Semi-Final Rounds of Competition.

Enactus Canada Nationals Exposition Timeline:

May 8 – Submissions due (videos and reports)

May 12 – Announcement of Opening Round League Pairings

May 14-17 – Opening Round of Competition

May 18 – Tallying of Results

May 19 – Announcement of Semi-Finalist Teams and Timeslot Selections

May 21-24 – Semi-Final Round of Competition

May 25 – Tallying of Results

May 26 – Announcement of Final Four

May 28 – Final Round of Competition



With this in mind, the Executive Team has met up and created our own timeline in the next few weeks leading to the submission on May 8th! We have also concluded that the focus of the video will be mainly Project Hatchet.


Stay active and stay healthy! Do not hesitate to contact any of us if you need help, we are all here for you whether it is Enactus related or not. You can keep up to date with us through our Instagram and Facebook.

If you’d like to volunteer your time in a remote capacity, please connect with the appropriate person: Samuel Timms, Charlson Reyes, and/or Melliza Amurao.


Take care and see you soon!


"As of Thursday, March 19, we will transition to online and alternate delivery of programs through to the end of the semester."

SAIT is continuously adjusting and updating as the situation develops. Please continue to check your emails,, and their social media platforms.

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"Due to concerns about COVID-19, Saitsa operations, programs and events will be suspended until further notice."

Alongside SAIT, Saitsa you can find updates on all their platforms including

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we are here for you.

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Enactus SAIT Meetings/Office Hours

Our office hours had and have been suspended, along with any meetings going forward in an in-person manner until further notice. We will look to execute future meetings in an online component to still maintain contact with team members and to ensure we don't let ourselves get held back. 

Enactus Canada Competitions

Enactus Canada is working to be agile in its response to the outbreak, and ensuring they follow Health Canada's direction, along with work with their sponsors as this develops. Both the Central and Eastern regionals were shifted to online delivery. On March 26, Enactus Canada issued a statement of cancellation of the in-person event of the Nationals Exposition. 


Our projects are the central force of our team and its success, and it is apparent that these are directly impacted by these heavy changes. We will be focusing on the online components and execution of each. Further details will be shared as they are discussed.

Our social media will continuously share and update you.

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