Director of Projects


Applications are now open and are accepted until June 14.

Email your resume to


The Email must:

  • Have the subject line as "Enactus SAIT -  Application for insert position here"

  • Explain why you want the position 

  • Address what you intend to accomplish with the position

  • Have your resume attached

If you are applying for multiple positions, you must send an email for each.

Announcements for each position's results are expected to be in July.

Job Description:

Reports to:

Co-Presidents of Enactus SAIT


Position Overview: 

As Director of Projects, you must lead and support all current projects and facilitate planning for future projects. You will also be responsible for creating structure and milestone plans within the team to promote and maintain an effective organization. These milestone plans will be regularly visited throughout the year to ensure projects maintain their drive and direction.


Responsibilities & Duties

  • Create and/or go over project templates or outlines for the year

  • Help create and manage Project milestones

  • Support Project Managers with projects and help them gain and allocate resources appropriately

  • Maintain a record of the progress of projects

  • Communicate with Project Managers to create timelines & deliverables and continue to check in on a monthly basis

  • Develop collaboration among projects & create fluid communication

  • Communicate effectively with other departments to obtain the resources and demands of projects

  • Understand and maintain reporting tools

  •  Constantly network to create contacts and connections for projects

  • Help Project Managers mitigate issues

  • Constantly maintain communication with Co-Presidents


Qualifications & Requirements

  • Must have the Enactus Spirit!

  • Be driven, passionate, outgoing, and ambitious

  • Must be organized, punctual, reliable and accountable

  • Must be able to communicate effectively and be able to find opportunities

  • Have patience and understanding while remaining persistent

  • Be able to demonstrate integrity and self-awareness

  • Demonstrate constructive criticism feedback while mentoring Project Managers, and ensuring implementation

  • Demonstrates accountability and be able to enforce accountability

  • Demonstrated experience with Enactus

  • Prior experience in leading projects would be considered an asset

  • Previously taken Project Management I or Project Management II is preferable

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