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Events Director

Job Description:


This position is currently open.​

Apply by filling out the registration

form found here.

For additional information please contact:

with the subject line:

Events Director Inquiry

Reports to:

President and Vice President of Enactus SAIT


Position Overview

The Events Director works alongside the executive team to plan and run the events for the year including social, charitable, fundraising, exposure, networking, and competition-related events. The role ensures that the team remains engaged and builds team-bonding events where possible. This role manages the events team, providing these members with training and coaching where possible, and utilizes their collective skills to help with the smooth planning and running of all events. The Events Director receives their coaching/mentorship from the President of Enactus SAIT.


Qualifications (Attitudes and Abilities)

  • Experience or wanting experience in event planning

  • Experience or wanting experience in management

  • Experience or wanting experience in networking and opportunity finding

  • Ability to delegate tasks and meet deadlines

  • Driven, organized, dedicated, and accountable

  • Team player, and experience or wanting experience in team motivation

  • Drive to be social and helpful

  • Ability to communicate effectively

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Build relationships with charities and be aware of local event opportunities

  • Plan events and create a year plan, utilizing the summer to make connections with charities for team events

  • Ideally, rotate a social or charitable event for each month

  • If not possible to plan for the entire year, plan for the following semester

  • Organize team workshops utilizing the available networks

  • Connect with the team where needed to continuously develop events planning and programming

  • Develop team and delegate tasks as needed

  • Work with Marketing Director to establish marketing plan needed for each event

  • Execute and plan each event with at least 2 weeks notice to the team

  • Plan events surrounding Regional and National competitions, including any team dinners and/or team-building events

  • Create and plan itinerary for competitions

  • Work with other Enactus teams to create larger event programming where needed

  • Create and execute plans that arise throughout the year, and support the executive team’s endeavors and events

  • Work with the executive team to determine events schedule for Enactus Exposure

  • Responds to correspondence in a timely manner

  • Train and transition successor

  • Work with HR Team to help recruit and train Events Team members

  •  Provide coaching and mentorship to Events Team members if possible, or assist the President and HR Team in their coaching and mentorship

  • Participate in coaching and mentorship from President as needed

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