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Samuel Timms

Project Manager

BBA Management


Working with a hands-on collection and beginning community partnerships, Project Hatchet has begun the first stages of creating a social enterprise that aims to be a campus-wide program for the collection of non-deposit plastics. These plastics are processed using modular machinery in a dedicated lab space to make a new product with 100% recycled return rate. This is to address the need for effective and responsible recycling that sees proper utilization of materials and helps to align SAIT with the current and future goals of Calgary. Hatchet also serves as an educational platform for elementary students to help students understand the human impact of plastic waste on the environment and the science behind it. 

Vision and Mission

Hatchet aims to address the growing need for recycling non-deposit plastics on SAIT campus, and utilizing those collected materials 100% turnaround for new products using modular processing machinery in a dedicated lab space on campus.

Sponsors & Accelerators: