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Healthy E.A.T.S -  Economical, Agricultural, Tasty, Sustainable

Harsha Bhamidipati

Project Manager

Bachelor of Science-Construction Project Management


There is a major need to create awareness about the importance of developing sustainable eating habits for the benefit of your health as well as the environment.


Healthy E.A.T.S (Economical, agricultural, tasty and Sustainable) is a food sustainability project which involves various sub-projects like nutritious cooking classes, micro-green workshops, preserving & canning workshops and honey extraction workshops for students. These workshops provides students with knowledge and skills related to harvesting food and culinary development.


This project is in partnership with SAIT's Nutrition for Healthy Lifestyles department  will be focusing on one of the most important sources of life i.e. food There are many organizations which focus on the importance of feeding the hungry but our focus will be to educate students at SAIT by conducting workshops and creating awareness about living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 


The objective of the project is to expand upon current sustainability methods already implemented on the SAIT campus. Students will be helping out in expanding the greenhouse/garden facility. These existing facilities allow culinary students (from the school of hospitality and tourism) harvest vegetables and fruits and further expand their knowledge about the origin of food and its importance in the society. We as Enactus-SAIT student leaders would broaden the reach of this facility to all faculties on campus.





Next Year, we plan on continuing these workshops and collaborating with Enactus-Memorial in Newfoundland and Labrador with their Project Succeed which won the Enactus World-cup championship held in Toronto, the project focuses on building hydroponic system from recycled materials, which can produce healthy produce to surrounding communities.




We secured a $5000 grant from Chartwells through a project proposal contest. In partnership with chart-wells, We have hosted two Micro-green Workshops, a cooking class with a professional chef from Chart wells, and a Honey Extraction Tour on campus and a preserving and canning workshop. We also build a mini-orchard outside the John-Ware building on campus last summer. 

Impacting the lives of students by providing them the tools to healthy eating and on how to live a sustainable lifestyle and eventually expanding the project outside of SAIT and targeting  low-income families.

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