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Rigel Raju

Project Manager

BBA Finance

Geoffrey Hill

Faculty Advisor

Formerly BYB (Build Your Business), IMPACT Hub looks to the bigger and greater possibilities to build an incredible foundation on campus for entrepreneurship, with extensions into our community. IMPACT Hub seeks to create five points to its cogs of functions.


Podcast: "Steps to Execs"

As a short interview, we take local business professionals in Calgary, and get them to answer questions revolving around their success story and where it all began, back in the shoes of being a young student. Be it CEO, Senior/Junior management, or as a entrepreneur, we help to paint the story to students that climbing the ladder of success has many different facets and pathways.


Entrepreneurship Pitch Competition

Not everyone 


Capstone Support Program

So many incredible capstone projects produce amazing and game-changing products that could be launched into successful product lines. Unfortunately, without proper support, many students shelf the ideas and may never revisit it. Their chance to be entrepreneurs needs to be realized, and with the proper support and investment, those dreams can happen. The program would focus on providing space and team to help launch the product and pitch it to potential investors. This allows graduates to still work and pay off student loans while pursuing an entrepreneurial journey part-time until successful.


HIPP (Homeless Integration Points Program)

An incredible idea that will work with all partners involved with our homeless population, the proposed system would provide a points/rewards system for the efforts of an individual looking to get back on their feet. Points would be earned on good behaviours around working ethic, staying out of trouble, and keeping clean. These points would be used towards Transitional housing, training, equipment, and living/employment options. 


URBB (Unemployment Rehabilitation for Baby Boomers)







  • Students are unaware of the process and steps to become successful as an entrepreneur or lead management

  • Many programs outside management are discouraged to become entrepreneurs as they believe that's for "business" types

  • Many successful capstone projects that occur in final year projects could be scaled and launched, but are dropped and forgotten

  • The homeless population in Calgary is an alarming number, and despite the many services, there is little incentive for the homeless to commit energy towards personal development

  • The rate of unemployed in the 40+ age category is growing and becoming more problematic for our economy. The expertise and willingness to work in this demographic is huge despite the rate of unemployed

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