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Being Involved


Join us today!

Enactus SAIT is made-up of passionate SAIT student leaders, faculty members and stakeholders that came together with a common goal; creating projects that are focused on impacting the lives of individuals in the community by empowering them with the skills and knowledge that they can use for sustainable livelihood through entrepreneurial action.


This year, the team is focused on growth and development. With plans on exploring possibilities to expand the existing projects as well as create new ones in order to impact a larger audience within the community and eventually the world.


Enactus SAIT has aligned their goals with respect to Dr. Ross, SAIT President’s long term strategic plan on being known as an applied education institution as well as establishing an entrepreneurial mindset in the campus.  Enactus SAIT urges students from ALL programs to become part of the team and share their unique perspective on things because of their different backgrounds. Creativity and Innovation is highly encouraged.

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