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Nest Egg Culture - Senior & Youth


Decrease the number of individuals being defrauded each year in Canada, of which is 17% of seniors.


Nest Egg Culture is a group that aims to provide information on how to save and protect money. Over the last few years our team ran seminars at old folks homes and in the community under our project name SFRAPS (Senior Fraud Recognition and Prevention Seminars).


Our plan is to continue this project by going to more seniors homes and getting more involved. These seminars were aimed at seniors, although they apply to most everyone. They explain to the audience what fraud is, the top eight scams affecting seniors, how to detect them, and what to do if you have been a victim. Our program also provides a number of different handouts including pamphlets and contact cards. The Seniors Fraud Recognition and Prevention Seminars was sponsored by the Alberta Council on Aging.

This year we are planning to still run the SFRAPS division, but also expand into different demographics. Our group has decided to take on an additional project this year. The project is geared toward lower income families in the Calgary community who may need help or encouragement to file their income taxes. With the help of a few instructors at SAIT and all of our group members we will be running a free income tax filing session at a community center. In March, our group will conduct a smaller session to help people with taxes from previous years to test our project for tax season in April. At the end of each tax filing session, we will provide the individuals with a little pamphlet on a few places where they can go to get financial advice on how to start savings and where they can go to plan their finances.


Our short terms goals for this year are to have six successful seminars fraud seminars and to help at least 30 families and/or individuals, within the community, file their income taxes for 2016.

Our long term goals for Nest Egg Culture is to leave a tangible and intangible on the community by helping individuals protect themselves from fraud and to learn the life-long importance of tax filing. Both of the projects we will be doing this year are low budget, however we do require funding for all of our printouts and teaching tools.

Alexis Taylor

Project Manager

BBA – Accounting

Denomie Fisher

Project Manager

BBA – Accounting


David Cooper


School of Business

The project wants to deliver a greater understanding of fraud to all seminar participants and train people to recognize fraud. Increasing fraud awareness will bring people peace of mind and to have better financial/personal information security. Ultimately the project hopes to achieve a decrease rate of fraud and train people to think ahead, keeping one step ahead of fraudsters.

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