Project Manager



Applications are currently open till May 9th.

Email your resume to enactus.saitpolytechnic@gmail.com


The Email must:

  • Have the subject line as "Enactus SAIT -  Application for insert position here"

  • Explain why you want the position 

  • Address what you intend to accomplish with the position

  • Have your resume attached

If you are applying for multiple positions, you must send an email for each.

We will notify the candidates if they get the position within 2 weeks of the deadline!

For more information, please contact Charlson, Tiana or Shivang

Job Description:

Reports To: President and Vice-President


Job Overview: As Project Manager you will essentially run, develop, and enhance the project Seedology. Your focus is on creating a community garden within SAIT as the main project to produce sustainable food source with zero waste


Responsibilities & Duties

  • Develop and maintain connections internally with SAIT and externally with Cobbs Adventure Park or another 3rd party

  • Maintain/record of all impact and progress

  • Develop master plan to create community garden within SAIT

  • Maintaining a high value asset and inventory use in the project including some tool and machinery.

  • Be able to manage & coordinate logistic activities within the project.

  • Constantly re-evaluate the needs assessment (semi-annually)

  • Must constantly come up with creative and innovative ways

  • Maintain record of progress of project

  • Constantly network to create contacts and connections for project

  • Continuously develop project management outline



  • Must have the Enactus Spirit!

  • Be driven, passionate, and not afraid to face challenges from the project

  • Must be organized, punctual, diligent, reliable, and accountable

  • Must be able to communicate effectively and be able to find opportunities

  • Preferably have at least 1 year left of school

  • Be passionate about sustainable food producing idea with zero waste and using less water and natural composed. It must be environmentally friendly.

  • Able to work in a teamwork environment and always engaging in the project.

  • Knowledge or experience in gardening or farming would be considered an asset

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