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Project Manager
Flora for Fauna


This position is currently open.​

Find project details on the Flora for Fauna Project Page.


Apply by filling out the registration

form found here.

For additional information please contact:

with the subject line:

PM Flora for Fauna Inquiry

Job Description:

Reports to:

President and Vice President of Enactus SAIT


Position Overview

The project manager of Flora for Fauna is responsible for running the pop-up business The Kangaroo’s Garden Centre in late spring/early summer. They are responsible for building and managing a team of volunteers to get the business set up before the season (securing and managing suppliers, marketing, staffing, scheduling, venues, and transportation). The executive HR and Marketing teams can assist in this endeavour. The Project Manager receives their coaching/mentoring from the President and faculty advisors of Enactus SAIT.


Qualifications (Attitudes and Abilities)

  • Must be driven and passionate

  • Experience or wanting experience in management

  • Experience or wanting experience in small business/entrepreneurship

  • Experience or wanting experience in sales

  • Experience or wanting experience in budgeting

  • Ability to work on-site at the garden centre minimum 3 days a week during sales season

  • Ability to delegate tasks and meet deadlines

  • Organized, dedicated, and accountable

  • Team player, and experience or wanting experience in team motivation

  • Drive to be social and helpful

  • Ability to communicate effectively and compassionately with a variety of people


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Recruit and manage a team to successfully market and run the garden centre including:

  • Supply chain management – finding and working with suppliers, ensuring deadlines are met and adhered to, managing the finances involved with the suppliers

  • Marketing – market research, creating and implementing a marketing plan, public relations

  • Sales/retail – running the garden itself, caring for the plants, maintaining displays, assisting customers, talking about the charity, and making sales

  • Managing schedules and deadlines for the project, and scheduling team members

  • Organize venue as needed, including displays and storage

  • Liaise with charity owners and their staff to ensure their needs are being met

  • Managing the financials of the business

  • Responds to correspondence in a timely manner

  • Train and transition successor

  • Work with HR Team to help recruit and train team members

  • Participate in coaching and mentorship from President and faculty advisors as needed

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