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Scaling Summits (Nepal Project)



Basic female Nepali computer and technology literacy.

Scaling Summits is a new project of Enactus SAIT in partnership with Medical Mercy Canada. Nepal has low literacy rate (particularly females) and working with a school for women and children will allow continued support after they are finished classes. Nepal has been plagued with natural disasters that have greatly hurt their economy and Scale the Summit hopes to provide some needed support to rebuild/strengthen the country.


Enactus SAIT wants to provide continued learning assistance by securing needed recourses to operate the school and making available opportunities to continue using the skills learned while at the school. This will ensure that the school can provide the best possible education and that the skills are not lost once the women and children are done their classes.

April Kargard

Project Manager

Business Administration – Supply Chain Management


Mary Marier


School of Business


Scaling Summits wants to achieve an increased and sustained literacy rate, particularly among women. We will be directly impacting and bettering the lives of the women and children at the school bringing opportunities that would otherwise not be possible. This will have a positive feedback effect on the country and enable further growth by creating an educated workforce. This in conjunction with the entrepreneurial opportunities created through our microloan program will create a base that Nepal’s economy can work off of and flourish.

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