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Joe Regie

Project Manager

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Seeing Opportunity

The need for transitional education is prevalent, as studies have shown 90% of students feel overwhelmed by the workload and transition from secondary school to post-secondary. While there is a CALM (Career and Life Management) class, there isn’t enough information provided to students in regard to help them effectively transition to post-secondary. We are building a curriculum that addresses topics we have determined through research and consultation with current post-secondary students. These topics include financial resources, scheduling and time-management, misconceptions of post-secondary, importance of GPA and extracurriculars, and other subjects that are not covered at a high school level.

Taking Action

We connected with over 12 high schools to host information sessions to garner the perspective of both students and teachers to see if our curriculum was needed and if it covered useful topics. Through the sessions we have done, surveys have shown 92% of students believe this curriculum should be implemented. We have also had teachers reach out to host sessions for the remainder of the year, and even into next year. The curriculum is currently being built, with the assistance of faculty advisors. The project managers have created a presentation, contacted high schools, and confirmed their sessions.

Enabling Progress

This project began in December 2018, and information sessions began in February. We have collected surveys that allow us to understand any new topics that need to be covered, as well as the impact of current subjects The remainder of the year will be focused on presenting at more sessions, and continuously developing the curriculum to add to CALM classes.





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