Vice President


Applications are currently open until April 11th.

Email your resume to enactus.saitpolytechnic@gmail.com


The Email must:

  • Have the subject line as "Enactus SAIT -  Application for insert position here"

  • Explain why you want the position 

  • Address what you intend to accomplish with the position

  • Have your resume attached

If you are applying for multiple positions, you must send an email for each.

We will notify the candidates if they get the position within 2 weeks of the deadline!

For more information, please contact Tiana or Aaron

Job Description:

Reports To: President and Faculty Advisors


Job Overview: The Vice-President works alongside the President to establish the direction of the team for the year, ensure accountability, and support all other executive in their role. The Vice-President will assist the President in their duties, stepping in if the President is ever away. The role ensures that the team is well supported, and the leadership team has adequate direction.


Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Support President in their role where ever needed such as, but not limited to

    • Liaising between the team and faculty advisors, with schools and sponsors, and more

    • Helping with reporting

    • Assisting with decision making

  • Holding the President accountable to their responsibilities, and managing any conflict that may arise where the President is involved

  • Direct involvement with half the projects, while the President is involved in the other half

  • Maintain open line of communication with leadership team, general members and faculty advisors

  • Continuously help develop team structure and accountability

  • Assist leadership team in their roles wherever necessary

  • The Vice-President, alongside the President will follow the hiring process as necessary

  • Host bi-weekly executive meetings, and bi-weekly general meetings

  • Host bi-monthly coffee sessions to give feedback and maintain an open line of communication with each team member, preferably via email.

  • Manage any disputes that arise that are not managed by Human-Resources

  • Remind team of opportunities with at least one week’s notice, as possible

  • Train and transition successor



  • Demonstrates clear knowledge of Enactus SAIT Structure and the Enactus organization

  • Must be passionate about Enactus, and exhibit this passion during the interview process

  • Have at least 1 year left of school

  • Minimum 6 months volunteering with demonstrated active participation in Enactus

  • Be driven, passionate, dedicated and accountable

  • Must be a team player, and ensuring there is motivation with the team

  • Have a drive to be social and help people

  • Be able to effectively communicate to variety of people