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VP External


Applications are now open and are accepted until May 9th.

Email your resume to


The Email must:

  • Have the subject line as "Enactus SAIT -  Application for insert position here"

  • Explain why you want the position 

  • Address what you intend to accomplish with the position

  • Have your resume attached

If you are applying for multiple positions, you must send an email for each.

We will notify the candidates if they get the position within 2 weeks of the deadline!

For more information, please contact Charlson or Tiana

Job Description:

Reports to: President, Vice President, VP Teams & Project Managers                            


Job Summary: The External Vice President is mainly focusing on building relationships and partnerships with various community organizations, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders to be used as assets for Enactus SAIT’s projects and to enhance its public image and brand



  • Maintain strong relationships with external organizations that have a relationship with Enactus SAIT

  • Strong focus on SAI Raise It Red Crowdfunding platform throughout the year

  • Produces a comprehensive external activities plan to provide direction for the member of team

  • Evaluates external efforts of Enactus SAIT and its effect on campus and the community at large

  • Train the incoming regeneration of VP External.

  • Attend relevant seminars and networking events that allow relationships to be developed, strengthened, and maintained

  • Work closely with the president and executive team to lead the development of team and benefit projects

  • Work closely with awards and scholarship managers in ways to obtain funding for Enactus SAIT projects

  • Continuously search for funding and other resources that can benefit the team

  • Develop and maintain Enactus SAIT networking book

  • Fill out a networking sheet of all new contacts and submit it to the Administrative Assistant



  • Must have the Enactus Spirit!

  • Be driven, passionate, outgoing, and ambitious

  • Must be organized, punctual, reliable, and accountable

  • Preferably have at least 1 year left of school

  • Must be able to communicate effectively and be able to find opportunities

  • Have patience and understanding while remaining persistent

  • Be able to demonstrate integrity and self-awareness

  • Demonstrate ability to delegate tasks to a team and ensure tasks are completed within deadlines

  • Demonstrated experience with Enactus

  • Prior experience in public relations or communications would be considered an asset

  • Networking skills will be a value added into this position

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