VP Marketing


Applications are now open and are accepted until May 9th.

Email your resume to enactus.saitpolytechnic@gmail.com.


The Email must:

  • Have the subject line as "Enactus SAIT -  Application for insert position here"

  • Explain why you want the position 

  • Address what you intend to accomplish with the position

  • Have your resume attached

If you are applying for multiple positions, you must send an email for each.

We will notify the candidates if they get the position within 2 weeks of the deadline!

For more information, please contact Charlson or Tiana

Job Description:

Reports to: President, Vice President & Project Managers                                 


Job Summary: Develops and executes a clearly defined marketing and communications strategy in a manner that supports consistent growth of the team and enhances brand equity and awareness.



  • Oversees the marketing departments including social events, public relations, brand management, graphic design, marketing research, communications, presentation, and social media

  • Has a clear understanding of every position under marketing and can provide answers and leadership to marketing team

  • Produces a comprehensive marketing plan to provide direction for the marketing team

  • Produce a monthly marketing report and annual report to give an overview of marketing activities and marketing goals

  • Evaluates marketing efforts of Enactus SAIT and its effect on campus and the community at large

  • Train the incoming VP Marketing



  • Must have the Enactus Spirit!

  • Be driven, passionate, outgoing, and ambitious

  • Preferably have at least 1 year of school left

  • Must be organized, punctual, reliable, and accountable

  • Must be able to communicate effectively and be able to find opportunities

  • Have patience and understanding while remaining persistent

  • Be able to demonstrate integrity and self-awareness

  • Demonstrate ability to delegate tasks to a team and ensure tasks are completed within deadlines

  • Demonstrated experience with Enactus

  • Prior experience in marketing or communications would be considered an asset

  • Previously taken Marketing classes (no-program specifics) is preferable