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Marketing Director


This position is currently open.​

Apply by filling out the registration

form found here.

For additional information please contact:

with the subject line:

Marketing Director Inquiry

Job Description:

Reports to:

President and Vice President of Enactus SAIT


Position Overview

Develops and executes a clearly defined marketing and communications strategy in a manner that supports consistent growth of the team, enhances brand equity and awareness, and aligns with the vision and mission of the club. This role manages the marketing team, providing these members with training and coaching where possible, and utilizes their collective skills to help with the smooth running of all marketing tasks. The Marketing Director receives their coaching/mentorship from the President of Enactus SAIT.


Qualifications (Attitudes and Abilities)

  • Experience or wanting experience in marketing

  • Experience or wanting experience in management

  • Experience or wanting experience in social media management and presentation skills

  • Ability to delegate tasks and meet deadlines

  • Driven, organized, dedicated, and accountable

  • Team player

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversees the marketing team including public relations, brand management, graphic design, market research, communications, presentation, web design, and social media

  • Works with Executive Team to ensure all marketing is cohesive, aligns with the club values, and furthers the mission and vision of the club

  • Produce a comprehensive yearly marketing plan to provide direction for the marketing team

  • Produce a semester’s end marketing report to give an overview of marketing activities and goals

  • Evaluates and adapts marketing efforts of Enactus SAIT and its effect on campus and the community at large

  • Work with Events Director to create and enact event-specific marketing plans

  • Work with Project Managers to assist in marketing needs for projects

  • Responds to correspondence in a timely manner

  • Train and transition successor

  • Work with HR Team to help recruit and train Marketing Team members

  • Provide coaching and mentorship to Marketing Team members if possible, or assist the President and HR Team in their coaching and mentorship

  • Participate in coaching and mentorship from President as needed


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